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Wow! He Smoking!

The Negative Consequences of Smoking

Most of people in Malaysia are smokers. They are including teenagers, adults and old stage. It does not have different between man and woman. They love smoking and it like a hobby among them. In their mind, by eating smoke they can be a gentle person or brave person. Where somebody can’t do like them beside they are different. Actually they are acknowledging about the consequence of cigarette.
Cigarette is a tight roll of a special kind of dried left in a small paper tube. One of ingredient in cigarette is Nicotine. It is an addictive potent drug. That why, people who are taking cigarette once, can’t to get of from it. It is absorbed into blood when smoke is inhaled. This is the one of dangerous of smoking.
Cigarette is bringing risk in health body. Many example that showing the negative of smoking mostly on body. They can increase heart beat and blood pressure. It make someone quick nervous and always fill out of the ordinary. By taking cigarette, thickening layer will build in. It can cause someone, difficult to breath and fell like strong pressure on the chest.
In Malaysia, Malaysian who are getting lung cancer is highest then another infection. This cancer starting from who are love smokings. Cancer is the hazardous ailing in the world. It brings someone near to die. It same happens with heart cancer, where it maybe can attacks someone by the heart attack. Heart attack is a life and death emergency. When it’s happens every second count. The leading signs of heart attack are chest pain that may include additional pain in one or both arms the jaw and the back.
Must remember to woman’s who are feel affection for smoking, where the passive smoking linked to cervical cancer. Actually woman is unsuitable to smoke, because it can damage their life by miscarriages during pregnancy effect from smoking.
As a human, we must take care to environment where we are living in. But some people ignorant about it. Naturally, smoke from a smoker can cause air pollution especially in air-conditioned places, where human take breath in it. As a result, people getting bad breath that why people who are clean from smoke activities will being paid with risk too. Furthermore smoke can leave reeking on the clothes.
In conclusion, smoking is the number one killer not only in Malaysia but around the world. It not brings benefit to us but almost to waste. Imagine when someone expenses RM5 for buying cigarette per a day, when we count for a year like someone collecting money to buy a motorcycle or maybe a car. So, people must use their thinking to make kindness choosing to elaborate in their social life. At the end, life is difficult if someone can’t care their selves and going their life without care another else.

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